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  • Falcon Bullet Company
    Premium Hard Cast Lead

    About Us

    Falcon Bullet Company was founded in early 2012 by William and Deborah Moore . It was a family owned and operated company in Middle Tennessee. After three years of operation they decided to close the business. In May of 2016 I purchased the business.

    I have been a competitive shooter for many years. Competing in IDPA, USPSA and three gun matches. I am a an USPSA CRO and a IDPA SO. Currently I am the club contact for a local IDPA club and the president of the local USPSA club. I try to support other local clubs, so you will see me participating in and working matches throughout the area. When I got into competitive shooting I quickly learned I needed to reload my ammo to be able to afford tall the range time. For about the last ten years or so all the rifle and pistol ammo I have used in practice and at matches are my reloads. I was sponsored by the Moore's and Falcon Bullets for a couple of years. When I learned they had decide to permanently close I felt this was a prefect opportunity for me to work in the sport I so much enjoy.

    It is our mission to bring to you our Premium Hard Cast Lead Bullets. Our bullets are cast on commercial equipment. We use the best lube available for the bullets we make. We also manufacture coated bullets. Our "Falcoat" line of bullets are manufactured using the J&M Specialty Product HI-TEK lube coating after application this coating fully encases the lead. We stock only foundry certified 2%-Tin,6%-Antimony, 92%-Lead alloy for casting our high quality bullets. This alloy has a BHN of 16-17 for optimal bullet performance. Our skilled and trained staff works very hard to make the highest quality product that can be produced. Our heart and pride goes into each and every bullet we make.

    Why buy from us?

    Our products are highly rated for quality, reliability, performance and price. We use modern manufacturing and production techniques to hold our costs to a minimum. We use unique packaging methods to ensure you get exactly what you purchase. Our quality control procedures are the same ones used and embraced by the Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.

    We have a premium product at a great price with speedy shipping and we, at Falcon Bullet Company, want to serve your reloading needs.

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